Verdicts & Settlements

Trial Verdicts and Settlements Obtained By Raymond F. Brady, P.L.

The examples provided above occurred through the representation of my law firm. A prospective client’s individual facts and circumstances may result in a different result. Raymond F. Brady, P.L. is committed to achieving the best possible result for my clients through dedicated representation.

If properly prepared and ready for trial, an experienced attorney can often compel settlement from the at-fault party. Through intense preparation and aggressive representation, I have obtained many favorable settlements for my clients. Representative cases resulting from trial or settlement include:

$5.6 Million – Product liability, defective vaccine

$4 Million – Vehicle/truck accident, personal injuries

$3.6 Million – Medical Negligence, Misdiagnosis

$2.7 Million – Diving accident, personal injuries

$2.5 Million – Medical negligence, birth injuries

$1.8 Million – Auto accident, personal injury

$1.25 Million – Vehicular accident, wrongful death

$1.2 Million – Medical negligence, misdiagnosis of internal bleed

$1.1 Million – Product liability, tire tread separation, wrongful death

$1 Million – Medical Negligence, Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack

$950,000 – Medical negligence, personal injury

$950,000 – Defective automobile tire, wrongful death

$480,000 – Medical negligence, misdiagnosis of rotator cuff tear

$450,000 – Vehicle/truck accident, personal injuries

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